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Due to the recent development and economic boom in China, we are now able to buy anything at a lower price. As the economy is growing so fast, most of the Chinese factories are trying to cut corners, coming up with their own brand and selling it to the rest of the world directly for 30-40% cheaper. It seems a great idea to buy the same product for 30-40% cheaper, but it is impossible to predict on the reliability and the safety of the product as the regulations in China are very different to Europe. The after-care, resale value and quality control are also all fly out of the window. Therefore the initial benefit may not be as appealing, if you have to re-purchase the product after its malfunction, the time wasted and frustration during the process may be irreplaceable. In order to cut costs, some factories in China undermine the user safety and use some very hazardous chemicals to produce their product. Some of these materials were banned in Europe and USA centuries ago for their well-known irritant and carcinogenic proprieties.


At Money Scan Ltd. we determine to develop and produce reliable and high quality products that are safe and user friendly. We specialise in the design, development and manufacture of counterfeit detection machines. Our resident designers were trained and qualified in the UK, which implement a British standard and safe design to all our machines. Due to the inflation in the UK and Europe in the last decade, in order to keep our products at a reasonable price and give the edge for new development, our products were design in the UK and manufactured from China. Our purpose built modern factories are closely monitored by our resident engineers and are inspected weekly by our specialist audit teams who have many years of experience in the counterfeit detection industry. We are committed to produce reliable and safe machines that will set a standard and a bench mark in the counterfeit detection industry.


Dr. Paul Lee